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Friday, June 26, 2009


-Ntah kenapa gua suka amik subjek suram..pada gua rasa sejuk..tak tau la pandangan orang pulak..member gua,Bacang cakap gambar yang gua amik banyak yang gelap...banyak kegelapan ke gua ni??Heh!Okey laa..nanti gua amik gambar colorful la pulak bagi kelainan sikit...(PANDAN)


  1. salam bro, gua pun minat gambar2 yang dark camni ,elemen2 gothic art memng gua minat sangat2. nice shot bro

  2. Hehehe..tu la pasal bro..dah halanya gothic gua buat mende lain pun jadik suram..heheheh!!takpe..gua nak cuba gak eksperiment terang pulak bro...

  3. Pandan,
    You are off to a very good start if you are new at this. First of all ... I like all your photos.
    This one feels like Christmas time to me perhaps because of yellowy indoor lighting and Bears in red and green.
    Everyone has different taste and for me ... I would say my three favorites are ABSTRAK 2, POTRAIT and MIKRO 3. Excelent shots.
    Keep it up. If you always try to get a little better than what you have done before you will easily be better than me. You have time on your side my friend.
    Keep shooting!
    NikonSniper Steve

  4. hi there Steve!!
    Thanks for visiting and made a comment about it..Hopely i can related and learn from you..i like your work though..a sincere image with a right moment.Hopely i can learn and ask you anything about nikon camera if you don't mind..cause you have much experience than me.
    Thanks for visiting.



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